Sunday, November 23, 2008

what's new?

cold!!! brrrrrrr, currently 28 degrees in november! actually had some snow that stuck to the ground for a while, in fact, there is still snow on top of leaves piled in the corners of the yard fro the wind and in the shadows of the fence. cool, uh, cold! i love the snow, and that is part of the reson i wished i lived north, maybe north/west of here! can't imagine why else, lol. sooo, wish i could be better at uploading my work/play, you know the stuff i do all day, the goodies i love to fiddle with in my way, the wonderous ideas from blogs that make me say...o'kay!!!! Thanksgiving is on the way, don't worry, i'm done with the poetry...for now! Mary and Keith will be here next week...hooray! it just happens, ya know... house cleaning is on the agenda, no biggie, really. it's just that my studio has crept onto the porch because of the river, better lighting, and the larger tv that keeps me company all night and day! everything has to be removed for company, and in doing so, i'll have less time for creating, and that i do not care for at all!

plans were written down today, i love to do that first. tomorrow i will put them into action. monday, Len and i will clean. tuesday i have dentist, len is helping out Captain Jack. then Len will be btw, and Mary will be in from georgia on wednesday morning and plans to hang out w me - all day, YAY! our Thanksgiving will be celebrated on friday due to Len working on thursday. so Melissa is going to hang out w me, make cards, and take her vacation nap on the porch that day! lol

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2 Worlds said...

I see you live in NJ too
thanks for comment in my blog