Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes, I am still here, the house is a mess, but I am happy...

where oh where am i in this cluttered up mess!

     not a total loss though, Len has a JOB, YAY!!!
he started yesterday, and we couldn't be happier, he actually is smiling again!
it is so wonderful, he comes home tired, takes a nap, has dinner, we talk for a while and then he goes to sleep.  all fine and dandy with me, for sure!  I set up his coffee, make his lunch, tidy up and go to sleep, it is fantastic.  thank you to all the prayers and help along the way, God Bless everyone indeed! 
getting to be late tonight, but that is okay, I will be up to make sure he gets out of the door okay, and then I can take an extra snooze.  I love you Len, and I am very proud of you, as always, your Annie.