Thursday, December 4, 2008

where have I been...

all over the net, hopping here and there....recouping from Thanksgiving holiday w family! I loved having them here, all but the Ak group (missed you very, very much). even though all I did was clean the house, it still wore me out! thank God Mary did 99% of the cooking w Melissa as her assistant - thank you my angels!!! Arlena brought and made half of her desserts - thank you sweetie!!! Keith made the sweet potato casserole and yes it took a long time to cook, it was well worth the wait!!! I made the gravy! So there were eight of us this year - Lenny & Annie, Mary & Keith, John & Arlena, Paul & Melissa, and we celebrated on friday since my Lenny had to work Thursday 7pm to 7am, and no one wanted to have it w-out him.
delicious meal, and wonderful company that did not seem to want to go home...which is nice they feel that way! the kids, hahaha, all in their twenties, dragged out home videos of Christmas from the nineties. it was hilarious! hearing them laughing, giggling and making fun of each other, all good natured! the only thing that would have made it better was if Kathryn, Jason and Miranda - my precious grand baby, were here. but we will get to see Kathryn and Miranda in January, and then we will get to see all three of them in July, yay!
so, I am back and ready to write and create and get ready for Christmas. first thing due out the door is a Wichtel gift. i am participating in the first annual Wichtel w Milliande's web community - an all female artist colony! we can never divulge who we are making our gift for, so therefore I can not post what I make, all I'll say is it is leaving the country! when we receive our gifts though, we are to upload a photo of it on the Milliande site, and I will post it here, as well. along w my 'artistic creations' which will be on here soon as I get them labeled and photographed.

okay, now I must go and do house stuff, ie. laundry, cleaning, cooking (darn it), etc.
over and out...

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