Saturday, November 15, 2008

where should i start, i guess it is here...

...we all have to start somewhere, so i figured i'd start in the middle. so let's continue. i didn't plan on being here, it just happened...while reading so many of these darn things, i realized i might have something to say one day and i should be prepared!
speaking of prepared, we had a tornado watch today until 7pm, hey it's to be expected right? considering we live...hundreds of miles from tornado alley! luckily we did not have on today, that's nice for a change...
onto art. it has always been there for me, waiting for when i needed it most. sewing, drawing, practicing handwriting, doodling, stamping...i could go on and on...really, you might have to tell me to stop! anyways, the ability comes to me when i need it or when i am open to it. it can't be turned off and on, i literally have to wait for it. now i don't mean i just sit here and wait, no i keep playing and doodling, practicing...they say practice makes perfect. until the spirit moves me to honestly create a piece that says "I am Art". then i know it is here. i don't question it, i let it be or not to be...for me it is not a question, it is a quest that is there for me and everyone.
so, whether your ability lies in decorating your home, putting together a stunning wardrobe, or getting your hands dirty with paints and inks, or sticking yourself with needles and me they can all be "Works of Art". claim it, it's yours.

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