Monday, October 3, 2011

what will we do?

     Time is running out, don't know how much more we can job, unemployment is almost over, pension fund is low since we have been using that to help pay the monthly bills because you can't live on the government supplemental income.  So, this week we are meeting with a counselor to help us decide what our options are: bankruptcy, sell the house and everything we can part with and will no longer need?  
      Then we will have to move in with some friends who have offered us space to store our belongings, and a bedroom for us, too.  They are prime examples of Good Samaritans who we have been blessed with!  We will be the best guests as possible while we try to find our own downsized digs.  Our dogs will be with us, so we will have our hands full.  Please God,help Lenny find a job soon, please.