Sunday, November 22, 2009


some photos of home, soon more photos once i learn how i did what i just did and make it work easier. the pics i want here are my family, home, studio, and projects i am working and/or completed. all of that would make my blog a proper place depicting the real me, my life, and i thought i did it, i will try again and hopefully it will work today. if i can not get it done now, i will get to it another day......

my front yard

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Still up...

yes, i am and most likely will forever be a night owl.........
the studio is coming along nicely, i should post some photos huh?
soon i will be fully organized for my taste, with angie's tips, of course. my finished works will be visible and photographed for myself and future submissions, it will be easier that way. next i will be working/playing on/with projects i have been unable to complete....sewing, scrapbooks, more artful journals and altered works with all i need to complete my ideas. everything i need is already here, but i most often can not find it. how detrimental it has been to free flowing creativity!
oh by, being able to lay my hands on that special brad, fabric, paper, button, tape, rub-on, foil, oh you got it, on and on. it has been fun going through my purchases and finds, and i still have more to go through, but it does not feel like a chore!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

where oh where have i been

soooooo, i like this color. in fact it resembles the paint on my studio walls! yes, you heard right, my studio is finally getting done!!! i am thrilled, len and the brain (brian) painted the room on monday. it is so pretty, and it goes well with the trim, which i am not changing, and i don't mind the chips or scratches because it follows my view on aging projects. it's like the patina on a piece of jewelry...vintage!

also, i have been making a variety of projects that i love. i hope to make multiples of projects, each having it's own unique characteristics, once the studio is up and running. then i will be able to keep things organized and find the bits and pieces i need to make sure each item is unique and interesting. if a project looks just like another, i tend to get bored and lose interest in finishing.