Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes, I am still here, the house is a mess, but I am happy...

where oh where am i in this cluttered up mess!

     not a total loss though, Len has a JOB, YAY!!!
he started yesterday, and we couldn't be happier, he actually is smiling again!
it is so wonderful, he comes home tired, takes a nap, has dinner, we talk for a while and then he goes to sleep.  all fine and dandy with me, for sure!  I set up his coffee, make his lunch, tidy up and go to sleep, it is fantastic.  thank you to all the prayers and help along the way, God Bless everyone indeed! 
getting to be late tonight, but that is okay, I will be up to make sure he gets out of the door okay, and then I can take an extra snooze.  I love you Len, and I am very proud of you, as always, your Annie.

Monday, October 3, 2011

what will we do?

     Time is running out, don't know how much more we can job, unemployment is almost over, pension fund is low since we have been using that to help pay the monthly bills because you can't live on the government supplemental income.  So, this week we are meeting with a counselor to help us decide what our options are: bankruptcy, sell the house and everything we can part with and will no longer need?  
      Then we will have to move in with some friends who have offered us space to store our belongings, and a bedroom for us, too.  They are prime examples of Good Samaritans who we have been blessed with!  We will be the best guests as possible while we try to find our own downsized digs.  Our dogs will be with us, so we will have our hands full.  Please God,help Lenny find a job soon, please.

Friday, September 23, 2011

time to share something good!

...yes!  my sister Kate and my niece Sarah!  they came back into my life in 2009, finally i have added this photo and wrote about the Good News!  i am so happy to have my family back!  too many exclamation marks, i know, but it is so wonderful and worth waiting for!

     even more good things to say about this subject...recently, Len & i attended two family gatherings: David & Jane's for a Labor day party,  Mike & Pat's for a Crab Feast party!  Mike Jr. started this annual event 3 years ago.  good idea young man. in fact he asked us if we were back from now on, so i replied "yes, i guess time does heal all wounds".  thank you Mike for asking.  i have always loved my family, so it feels right to be back in the fold.  sure, it will take some time for more of the gang to return, but when they do, it will be good, real good!  Mom and Dad are smiling, i can feel it in my heart.

      it's time to move on and live for today, for we know not what tomorrow holds.

Monday, September 5, 2011

not a good thing

just a thought....sometimes it is difficult to get started, to complete a project, or let an idea go.   this feeling of being lost in space is taking it's toll on len and i.  please, dear God, help us find our way so we may one day be able to give instead of receive, contribute instead of merely filling our days with only what we can get done, or worse yet, being unable to do anything.  we want to fly once more with the rest of our flock, instead of just hoping we can get off of the ground.

no, i didn't say it was a fun thought, it's only one of those that consumes me, keeps me awake at night,  then finally falling asleep and giving up, losing another day to oblivion.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

it's a good thing...

that no one follows me, i don't even follow myself or follow up is a better description.  so ms.altered you did not post photos, so what else is new.  i know, i know too much on my plate, table, lists, have to do clipboard.  if only i could get myself together, in one area in life.  well, at least for now, i know where i am sleeping tonight...i still have a home of our own for a while longer...if only there was work.  my sweetie had finally found the 'right job', the one he has worked hard to find - good pay, benefits, close to home, decent people to work with, for the most part that is....and then the bottom falls out!  i still can't believe it, and it is almost two years now and he can't find a job, not even a lousy one - all the good ones are taken or in his case don't exist more.
     'what are we gonna do', where are we going to end up, how long are we going to be homeless?  thank God we have some very good friends that have offered to take us in until we can find something and i can't even say what that something is going to be:  an apartment, a trailer, a boarding house?  we thought we had a better option, but that was swiftly taken off of the table by some unknown entity....actually it's not unknown, i just can't say because it is something like beadle juice.  yeah, that's right, if you say it three times it comes out of the table with it's head spinning around, wraps long arms around you, clonks you in the head, and basically takes over your entire life, you're powerless.
hey, how did we end up being the bad guys, again?/:>?

 I feel like running away, all the way to the playground with our Buttercup & little brother, we miss you both soooooooooo much, when will we get to see you again?   We need all three of our little ones, oh boy, here I go again, time to skedaddle...........

Friday, February 18, 2011

hey, want to buy a house with riverfront property?

see photos of my front yard! i think they are listed under previous posts, uhhh 2010? if not, then 2009. when i get a minute i will post a picture of the house, too. hey if you are into old victorians....