Tuesday, October 9, 2012

here i am now....

  since my camera went crazy, my husband and children bought me one for my birthday.  perhaps i will post photos of my work when i upload the pictures, add them to a collection of completed projects and make a complete spread.  in fact, it would be a good idea to make a hard copy, as well, bind it, and have it on hand to remind me of past creations.  so when i begin to feel as if i am going nowhere, like now, i can remind myself of where i've been and why i prefer to be home most of the time making use of the abilities i have left.  

  sounds good, will i actually do it, like the etsy thing i've been encouraged to do, but have not moved forward on either?  the thing is, i am alone in my work and probably due to my own feelings i think, i feel as if i have to justify what i do with my time, since my home is not nicely decorated and my garden looks more like an abandoned field.  yes, i used to keep a tidy home, be current with the news, and tend to my yard, but since i don't feel well most of the time, things have gone by the way side.

  i am proud of my children for spreading their wings and making their own nests, but now i can see i no longer meet their expectations, which only makes me feel worse.  instead of offering a hand now and then, the ones who live nearby or at least sounding interested from the ones who live afar.  only one is less judge mental, but none the less seems embarrassed of me to her other half and his loved ones....which is huge, supportive of one another most of the time, and spend time together often.  yes, i am kicking myself, i know.

  even my better half feels lousy more and more, and tries to get things done, but we aren't spring chickens, over a half century of working class people (class, i loathe that word), who usually have trouble getting out of the right side of the bed....shift work is killing us, but hey, it's work, at least!!!  we can't keep up, and if it wasn't for his ability to form great friendships we'd be long gone by now!  life is hard, and i work hard at keeping my chin up for him, because without him or my encouragement, we'd be completely lost.

  where am i going with all this prattle?  i don't know, maybe just getting it off my chest, and perhaps communicating with someone else out there who also is floating aimlessly hears me.  it's not what your family or best friends (do i have any), want to deal with. so a total stranger won't be afraid i'm asking for something or other and therefore i can't lose them, because i never 'had' them anyway.  if i'm heard, and you want to respond, go ahead, but please just don't kick me anymore than i'm doing.  whatever.  hopefully, yes, i do have faith of their being some, my next post will be positive and have something good to present!

  g'nite george.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm so in love with making things!  It keeps me from going absolutely crazy, as if I'm not loo loo enough!  Have been sewing away and decided to get one of those sewing mannequins, the one you can adjust to your size, I've sized it and am ready to go to town. Can't wait to make my first garment with it, no more guessing and hoping it fits, right?  btw

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Having just celebrated my birthday, my husband and children have given me camera money, so I am trying on my second one this week.  Did not like the coolpix, and am now checking out a nikon.  Would love to have one with a viewfinder, as well, but of course that makes them pricier.  Soon, I will be back in the swing of things taking many photos.  It is fun fiddling around with them...working out the kinks as to what I really want.  Not something too 'flashy', hah!  Just one that isn't too heavy, and will allow me to capture moments with my family, flora & fauna, and the things I enjoy making.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sewing, yes, I am having a great time with new fabrics, my collection of older fabrics, and the great free patterns on line.  The books I have gotten recently with patterns and instructions, as well,  for making clothing for my grandchildren are so much fun.  I've been pulling out my Somerset magazines, some old and new....from aprons, altering, sewing and crafts.  Pulling them all together letting my mind and hands take me where they want to go, those things are working great and it helps to make me forget about other stuff. 

Since my camera went ca put!, I don't have photos of all the goodies I have made and sent off near and far for my children's children, and more.  Darn, I always want pictures to help me remember what I've made, otherwise 'boom' they are gone from memory exactly what they look like.  From dresses, aprons, fleece pants, and bags, jewelry, cards, books, altered art, etc...have to remedy that soon.   Just another thing to add to the list of things to get done.  If the things on the list each weighed a pound, my sons would not be able to pick it up.

Also, I have gotten out of the house a bunch more, and even though 'me bones is achin', I can say, at least I am happy right now, and that is all that counts.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Altered beginnings....

I have recently realized where my altered works come from, they come from my soul seeking peace and quiet.   Art has always been my saving grace, from sewing t o painting, paper and fabric are waiting in my studio to be altered.  Having been through many transformations from precocious child, back talking preteen, curious teenager, to the wife, mother, and grandmother I had always hoped to be.  "I may not always be right, but am seldom wrong." Author Unknown
Art has always been there for me throughout all of these transitions, along with my devoted and loving parents.  My parents may no longer visibly be seen other than cherished photographs, but are always in my heart and mind.  I thank them every day and pray they watch over my family and guide them in some way.  I love you Mom and Dad.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Much to Do!

....and so happy to be doing what I can!  Went to a mosaic lesson at the library with my sister Kate and niece Sarah last Tuesday.  Have yet to finish my project, but it is something new for me.  Along with a variety of many other art projects going on at, tags, and always gifts to make.

 Speaking of gifts, I managed to finish the Christmas presents for my grand babies!  I don't even think I took photos of what I made, but I am just glad to have got them out in time to Alaska for Miranda & Henry, and on Christmas Eve at home for Harper! Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to all!

Of course, these are not current photos, but they are what I have on my laptop right now, which I am using to update my blog.  Miranda is now five years old, Henry is seventeen months, and Harper is fourteen months old.  They are the light of our lives!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oldies But Goodies...

Lost and found art project photos on pc to upload.  These are not new projects, just ones I've neglected to add.