Thursday, November 20, 2008

boxes, books, and cards, oh my...

i love to make boxes! a little over ten years ago, i taught my Father how to make boxes. he was thrilled! i showed him how to take old Christmas cards and turn them into little gift boxes for the sled ornaments he made every year for the new babies in the family. they are wonderful keepsakes that all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren now cherish. to make the task easier i purchased a box maker kit made by Aileen's, it came in two different sizes. that way he did not have to fiddle w math every time for the lid to fit perfectly. sadly Dad is no longer w us for me to share my love of crafts.

Dad was my inspiration when it came to making things. he often spent time in his basement workshop and i loved to see what he was up to. there were all kinds of tools and drawers full of hardware to explore and play w. there did not seem to be anything he could not do or figure out, so i think that is where i get my curiosity for how things go together. in fact, he did the majority of the sewing and mending in the house, Mother did not like to sew, baking was her deal. but before Dad would let me touch his sewing machine, he sent me to a neighbor who was a seamstress, for lessons. i picked it up very quickly, and have made some very nice home decor items, clothing for myself when i was in junior high, and clothing for my children, too.

back to Dad, in his last years he would come to our house to visit and sit in the yard w his binoculars to watch the ships and the variety of birds that flew above the river. i would leave my craft room w my latest creations for a little 'show and tell'. he always had smiles and words of encouragement for me, how i miss those visits!

boxes are still one of my favorite things to make, and a small book w interesting stitching on the spine, w little doo dads hanging from it look great in those boxes! cards also need a home when you make a batch of them for a gift. recently i made a couple more w no real thought as to what was to go in them, but i just had to make them. which inevitably took me down memory lane w Dad! i love you Dad, you too Mom, see you in my dreams!

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