Saturday, February 16, 2013


It is indeed time for a change. 
The Serenity Prayer is correct and I must apply it to my life.  I want to stop crying about my life, and give my family a break!!!  You are more important than all this other crap I have been spewing, maybe I just needed to purge my negative feelings and try harder to be happy....less talk and more action, photos, art, and most of all love!

Here is a close up of the ornament exchange I participated in some years back with Kathy Torrence and a bunch of women she knows.  I enjoyed making these and intend to make more with Cynthia, my son's girlfriend for 2013 Christmas season.

This is the beaded hair decoration I made for my daughter-in-law Melissa.  She was not able to use the entire piece along with her veil, so one of the wired beads framed the veil and looked very nice in her beautiful hair!  What a beautiful bride she was, and we are so happy to have her in our family.

 Some macrame' key chains I enjoyed making.

Wire baskets - made out of hardware cloth and added some inexpensive beads for color.

A favorite of altered tape dispenser I use almost every day!


Here are a variety of cards I enjoyed making for all occasions...
Heat embossed and Mosaic

Flora and Fauna

A few more heat embossed

Just one of the cards I made with my collection of Dog stamps

An Angel Exchange Project I participated in many years ago with Milliande's Art Group.

A small collection of ephemera that I enclosed in the Angel's book box...papers, fibers, and a handful of small things to make more art with.  She flew across the ocean to a fellow artist in England, I hope she enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, the one I was to receive got lost in the mail....I would have treasured it always.

These photos are a small collection of some of my projects, there are many more.  I have been making a variety of other items with my sewing machine recently...all kinds of bags, and some clothing for my grandchildren.

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