Friday, November 20, 2009

Still up...

yes, i am and most likely will forever be a night owl.........
the studio is coming along nicely, i should post some photos huh?
soon i will be fully organized for my taste, with angie's tips, of course. my finished works will be visible and photographed for myself and future submissions, it will be easier that way. next i will be working/playing on/with projects i have been unable to complete....sewing, scrapbooks, more artful journals and altered works with all i need to complete my ideas. everything i need is already here, but i most often can not find it. how detrimental it has been to free flowing creativity!
oh by, being able to lay my hands on that special brad, fabric, paper, button, tape, rub-on, foil, oh you got it, on and on. it has been fun going through my purchases and finds, and i still have more to go through, but it does not feel like a chore!

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Can't wait to see the studio!!!!