Thursday, November 19, 2009

where oh where have i been

soooooo, i like this color. in fact it resembles the paint on my studio walls! yes, you heard right, my studio is finally getting done!!! i am thrilled, len and the brain (brian) painted the room on monday. it is so pretty, and it goes well with the trim, which i am not changing, and i don't mind the chips or scratches because it follows my view on aging projects. it's like the patina on a piece of jewelry...vintage!

also, i have been making a variety of projects that i love. i hope to make multiples of projects, each having it's own unique characteristics, once the studio is up and running. then i will be able to keep things organized and find the bits and pieces i need to make sure each item is unique and interesting. if a project looks just like another, i tend to get bored and lose interest in finishing.

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